May 9, 2009

At two...

Well, it seems like Calvin is learning new things everyday, but at two he...
  • knows almost every animal name and their sounds (for those we didn't have a clue of what sound they made, we made one up)
  • knows lots of words (that at least mama can understand ;), unfortunately he also knows one swear word..."it! it!" in which he appropriately uses anytime he spills his drink
  • can draw pretty dang good, he's got giraffes, people, moons, A's, 2's and 3's down
  • knows all his shapes and colors
  • tries to sing the alphabet, but it goes something like this: AABLBAA
  • loves to "shake his booty" and perfected the Pee-Wee Herman dance
  • loves all sports, but especially basketball, in which he seems to have some inate talent at (which he did not get from me)
  • loves to rock out on his guitars and drums
  • loves to skateboard and ride his scooter, although we're still working these ones
  • loves Elmo
  • knows where the mouse is hiding on every page of Goodnight Moon
  • loves to play hide and seek (or mostly just hide)
  • has a hat fetish
  • has absolutely no fear and makes me very nervous all of the time
  • his favorite color is black (definately did not get this from me either)
  • loves other little kids and makes them all nervous by always trying to hug them
  • knows how to make his mom's blood boil and heart melt at the same time


Jessica said...

Two has been such a fun age. Who ever came up with terrible twos?

Jen said...

Love the swear word. One time after not getting a drink with her 'nuggets' Aspen said "Oh Shit dad, they forgot my drink. She was only three! I think I laughed until I peed my pants. What is so funny with kids and cussing anyway? I love Calvin's 'it'. So funny!

Chris, Erica, & Avva Kinnersley said...

How cute! Sounds like he is going to be an artist like his mama. Avva can't draw a thing- ok well she has a circle down and that is about it. She would rather color herself than try and draw something. Who taught him the swear word???? Daddy?