March 29, 2009

Vegas...Hoover Dam

hooverdam_4 mom_calvin_dam2 Surprisingly with as many times as I've been to Vegas, I've never been to Hoover Dam, at least not to my knowledge. Who knows maybe I drove over it one time. I was surprised to find it a far cry from Selma Hayek's quiet little thinking spot in Fool's Rush In. It was still impressive even though it was swarming with people.hooverdam_1hooverdam_2az_time nevada_time As the mature adult that I am, I had fun doing my best to be in two states at once.

And the worst job in the world is...


This is the bypass they are building for all the semi's to travel by. The picture doesn't do this justice. The thing looked like it was being built straight up and it is way above the dam. So scary, it would so suck to fall off that.carter_meg


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