March 10, 2009

A Night of Food, Fun, and Rockband!

Saturday night we all went over to Heidi's amazing house for some good times with old friends. And let's just say I have found my new calling in life... If you know any bands looking for a drummer, let me know. I think I just might be a natural. I've dreamt about it every night since then. I'm also very proud of the blister on my palm...

Heidi, Jami, Megan, Me and Krista

The crew rockin' it... well maybe just Cliften rockin' it.

Jami, Krista and Megan

Will, doing what he does best.

Real Rockstars or what? Note that Megan is rockin' the "I love you sign." Way to rock it Meg!


Megs said...

Geez do you have to keep bringing up the fact that I'm making the love sign? :)

The Shosteds said...

Too fun!!! Good old dayz!

Jami said...

it was a night of fun. I have been dreaming of rock band since too. We need to do it again soon!