January 21, 2009

A Lovvly-Jubbly New Years!

girls_nyLindsay, Shelly, Me, Kirsten, and Gaby

Will and I spent New Years at my friend Kirsten's enjoying lots of good food, karaoke, and more karaoke.  We had a great time, and I especially enjoyed sharing my not so great singing abilities with everyone.  Somebody had to karaoke right?

My singing partner, Kirsten and I, reliving our high school days! We started off with Shoop, and then sang a whole bunch of other karyokestuff. I was just sad they didn't have The Elephant Love Melody, from Moulin Rouge.

                 will Will was the only one brave enough to sing alone, but he actually sings really well. I keep wanting him to try out for Idol, if only he wasn't too old.


Shelly and Lindsay singing Goodbye Earl.





Tim and Flavia.  Tim was the partflav_timy DJ and also Kirsten's brother and newlywed.  And definitely newlyweds they were as they sang, Whitney Houston's, And I will always love you.


Travis and Gaby.  It was so fun to see them, I haven't seen them in probably 8 years!

ranikirsten Me and Kirsten.






Me and my Luvvly-Jubbly.raniwill

FYI: Luvvly-Jubbly is a British word, basically meaning lovely or fine.  I just found it when trying to find a British lovey word for a set I was making for work, and I'm obsessed with it, so you might be hearing it a lot from me.


Jacque Hansen said...

That is so cute that Will sings. I think I would rule the world if I ever got Dane to sing, even once in front of me alone! Hopefully we will see you guys soon, perhaps at Dallans return.

Kirsten Brockner said...

Thanks for being my karaoke partner! It was fun!!

Leslie and Dave said...

Did you cut your hair? You look great!

Rani and Will said...

Yup, I chopped it! After being told I looked like Sarah Jessica Parker countless times this year, I asked my hairstylist to chop, layer, thin and I actually had copper put in, although now it's faded.

Chris, Erica, & Avva Kinnersley said...

You look so cute! Love your outfit. I have heard you sing before and its not that bad.