December 17, 2008


IMG_4643-1 Will, his dad, Calvin, and Grandma Child in the back.  

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner potluck style at Tai's place.  Once Calvin warmed up to being in a new place, we couldn't keep him from going upstairs and playing with Tai's skateboard.IMG_4644-1







Above: Calvin giving Emily a kiss. Left: Tai and Calvin


Our second Thanksgiving dinner was just 2 hours later at my mom's.  Good thing we love Thanksgiving food! My grandma sporting the Build-a-Bear pilgrim's hat.





Ashley feeding cutie patootie Brooke some pie.

And the best thing about having a 6 year old niece is we get to play beauty parlor, which means I am able to con her into playing with my hair for hours!







Katelyn and I after Beauty Parlor was done.






My mom and Calvin.

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