November 25, 2008

Tagged by Erica

6 Random Facts about myself....

1. I prefer baths, not showers. I love to boil myself (literally) every morning in a nice long hot bath.
2. My closet is color coordinated.
3. I make the world's best chocolate chip cookies, with a special thanks to Radical Rob and the home cooking network.
4. I live by the motto: If I can't buy it, I'll make it (or have my mom make it, thanks mom for everything!).
5. I love to refurbish furniture, and my garage is full of "to-do" projects.
6. I'm recently addicted to Lost, thanks to the Sci-Fi channel airing 4 episodes every Monday night. All I need is another show to watch ;)

I tag all my friends with A names: Andrea, Andra, Ashley, Ashlee, Annie, Angie, Anne and Aubri.


Rochelle said...

awesome. I need to go to Twlight and I need the choc chip receipe...

The Shosteds said...

okay, okay... i've never taken the 'tag' challenge but i will this you and the post about twilight... we're in SunValley right now and i think all the girls are going to go tomorrow night... love you! and happy thanksgiving!

Rani and Will said...

For Radical Rob's recipe click here:

note: follow exactly (nuts optional) DO NOT OVERCOOK!