November 1, 2008

Halloween Party at Ashley Manor

DSC_0934 My Uncle Russell, all deck out in his afro, complete with pick.  He was pretty proud of his costume and couldn't wait for his picture to be taken.



This chick cracked me up.  Apparently  she DSC_0994asked for a stapler and disappeared for hours.  She finally comes out towards the end of the party in her homemade fairy costume.  It was pretty cute.  She even had wings.


My favorite costume was the princess below.DSC_0973  







Calvin kept following this poor kid around, saying 'DOOOGGG!" in his high pitched scream.  I'm sure the kid didn't know what to think of him, then as he sat down to play a game, Calvin immediately sat down behind him petting the head and then tried to feed it checkers.DSC_0970

I can't remember her name, but I'm sure she must be everyone's favorite worker.  She was fun.  You could tell all the old people loved her.

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