June 16, 2008


So we have been trying really hard to teach Calvin no. We can't decide if he knows it and just doesn't care, or if he just really isn't getting it. He seems otherwise intelligent or at least normal, but anyhow, his new favorite thing to do is to flip the chairs upside down. Kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, you name it, and he seems to take great pride in doing it. It's like he is saying, "Look at my he-man strength." But instead he just looks at you and says "Dat, dat, dat." (Still haven't figured out what dat means, but clearly it's suppose to mean something.) Anyhow, so after one of the chair flipping experiences, and after we have repeatedly spanked his hand saying no, to no avail, Will kind of grabs Calvin, so that he is looking at him, and starts saying in his big voice, "No, we don't turn the chairs over, etc. etc." Will is saying this over and over again, and Calvin just starts giggling and and grabs Will's lips and squeezes them as hard as he can. You know he was telling his dad to shut up. It was hilarious. And how can you get mad at them then, when they are so dang cute?


Jessica said...

It took Maren awhile to grasp no. Now one of her favorite words the past few days is Shutup! And she use's it in the right context. I have to stop telling the dog to shutup when he barks.

Denise said...

It's all about time out baby. It does wonders for us. I guess Kimball has been pushing kids out of the way in nursery so that is my latest to focus on. I had a talk with him before class and he acted like he completely understood that pushing was not nice and not acceptable. However I guess it still occurred. I am really hoping it's somewhat normal, I cannot imagine having the bully as my kid, he's way too sweet!

kelliej said...

"No" was hard for us too and we totally thought Ruby was ignoring us. We changed it to "ANH" or "pST" (like the dog whisperer) to try to scare her out of doing something...I can't remember if it worked. I just know it took a long time. Good luck...it won't be long.