March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

I took Calvin to a little Easter Egg Hunt in Jill's neighborhood with Declan (Jill's stepson), Jaleese and Buggy. I wasn't sure if he would get it, but he had the best time! It was so cute. He was running and picking up the eggs and laughing. He didn't even mind the bunny ears after awhile, and wore them the whole day, even when we went shopping after. The last pic is him in the car with his goods. Although, he wasn't allowed to have most of them because they didn't take into account choking hazards, even though the hunt was for 0-4 year olds. That's ok though, he mostly just loved playing with the eggs anyhow.


Rehrer said...

too cute

Rehrer said...
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Jessica said...

could he be any cuter! And the blue bunny ears!!!
I am having guil about not taking Maren to any egg hunts, but then I am reminded of the crowds.

And the baby sheep. Baby sheep and goats are my favorite! How is your horse? I am jelous of you and all the animals!!!

Rick and Annie said...

Those blue ears are so cute!! He is going to be so upset someday when he see's that photo. But, he cannot deny it he is so cute!!