January 31, 2008


Ok so I have been tagged a few times now so I guess I better get with the program. Anyhow, so I'm supposed to write 8 things about myself you don't already know. I'm pretty sure this is impossible, because I like Becky, am an open book...

1. I love music. I especially love it live. My idea of a great time is to go kick it anywhere good live music is playing. You'll usually find me front row center dancing away to my heart's desire. I don't prefer to dance alone but I will if I have to. Anyhow, I made it a goal to see several (well a lot more than several) concerts in particular before I had kids. And I am happy to say that I accomplished my goal. I have had some great and extremely memorable experiences and some great seats along the way. My all time favorites experiences were sitting front row center to Josh Groban and also Billy Joel. I also got to meet Josh afterwards, and the only thing I could say was..."I have that shirt too." (He was wearing an Idaho No Udaho shirt).

2. I love to dance. I'm not saying I dance well, but I love to dance. I'm determined to get Will to do Salsa dance lessons with me. I have even had several dreams about being on Dancing with the Stars.

3. I don't know how to tell people no. For those of you reading this, please do not use this fact to your advantage.

4. I usually always have one or two tv shows that I am religious about watching, and sometimes I get overly involved with the characters and have been known to confuse my own reality with theirs. For example, the time Kelly on 90210 thought she was pregnant. I found myself fretting and telling another individual I was worried because my friend thinks she might be pregnant. I did at least immediately realize and admit to my mistake.

5. I am a food snob. And for those of you that don't know what that means, a food snob is someone that does not like Chuck-o-rama, peas n' gravy, liquid mashed potatoes, bologna or stove top stuffing for Thanksgiving. I am not a picky eater either. Generally I really love all food, I just appreciate good homemade cooking and fine dining. I have to blame my mom for this, since I think she is the world's best cook.

6. I'm pee-shy, in otherwords, I have a fear of peeing in public and an even bigger fear of peeing in the outdoors.

7. I love board games. Scrabble and Cranium are my two all time favorites.

8. I am most content being an Indian, and have zero desire to be a chief. You'll never see me running for president or anything of the sort.

I tag Megan, Natalie, and Annie.


Rick and Annie said...

thanks Rani! I have to agree your mom is a great cook. I have wonderful childhood memories of eating with your family.

Andrea said...

Fun to read about you, I learned a couple of things. I am with you on the food thing....we need to get together for some good food.