January 20, 2008

Happy Clapper, First Steps and Some Words (I think.)

Calvin loves to clap, and has been doing it a lot lately. He will clap at everything. So last night I was nursing him to sleep. I had thought he was pretty much out. He had been totally still for about 10 minutes, eyes closed, but still kind of sucking and all of the sudden just starts clapping. Eyes pop open and he sits right up, happy and clapping. So of course I had to let him stay up a little longer for being so funny. Then this morning he also woke up clapping. He must have been clapping in his dreams. That's my happy little clapper!

Calvin is also trying really hard to walk. Today over and over again he would take a step or two and then fall down. He turns 9 months on Wednesday, we'll see if he is full on walking by then.

Also on a happy note for me his first words are pretty much mama. He says it over and over again like mammamammamma, mostly he says it when he's mad at me like when I'm changing his diaper. So he might be actually swearing at me, but I don't care I'll take it any way he will say it.


Jessica said...

Rani, this is such a fun time, and just gets beter and more entertaining! Maren is almost 20 months and will say anything you ask her to. She is also starting to put two words together. You are going to love it. Aren't they so entertaining?
I need to talk to you about some digital photo software I have been looking into for the past few months. I will email you.

Leslie and Dave said...

Your child is so advanced. I'm sure by the time I see him he will be running around and talking up a storm. Miss you!