December 30, 2007

Christmas Day

Even though Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, it's a thousand times better when you have a child. Although we clearly were way more excited about Calvin's presents than he was.

I think the day overwhelmed him, especially since I made him dress in his Santa outfit twice to see both Will's and my families. As you see he isn't smiling in any of the pictures, and believe me I took a billion. Calvin preferred the ribbon, wrapping, and ornaments to his new toys. Regardless, it was still a great day and we all feel extremely blessed.

Note Calvin's twin shirt...(in family pic and larger picture below).

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The Hansen Clan said...

He is so darling in his Santa outfit! I totally agree about Christmas with kids - they make everything wonderful! Remind me that I said that when Katelyn is 16 and Brooke is 12. I loved the monkey photo too but that Steven King thing was spooky.

The Merricks said...

What an adorable Santa, let me guess how happy he was to be Santa though.

The Cliftens said...

Rain, I am so excited for you that you have something else to dress up besides that cat! :) Calvin is so cute!