December 21, 2007

Calvin's First Boo Boo

There is nothing worse in the world when your child gets hurt. A. You can't stand for them to feel pain. B. You feel like the worst mom in the world, because you weren't doing a better job watching what they were doing.

Calvin has been very busy since he learn to crawl and stand. He wants to do nothing else, and is also very close to walking, so of course he has been falling a lot. Unfortunately, this last time drew blood (a lot of it) and left him with a very swollen lip.

I've decided I can't handle if anything worse then this happens to him, so if the next time you come to my house and everything is covered in bubble wrap don't be surprised.

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Jessica said...

OUCH! Poor guy. There is noting sweeter than a sleeping child. I am the biggest dork, and while Maren is sleeping, I will sneak into her room just to look at her.

He is darling even with his big swollen lip!
Our dog knocked over Maren last week and her sharp tooth cut her lip. Devin freaks out, and yes i don't like it, but I grew up with animals and that is just what happens sometimes.

i need to wrap myseld in bubble wrap. Maren seems more balanced than I am

The Hansen Clan said...

I completely relate to the bubble wrap idea! He is darling even with a swollen lip. What a cutie!

jillustrator said...

Wrap the baby in bubblewrap instead.