November 26, 2007

Calvin Has New Tricks!

I can't believe how fast Calvin is learning things! This past week he learned to stand and crawl. He had been scooting around for a few weeks now, mostly backwards, and then it seemed that overnight it turned to full blown crawling. And man he is all over the place. Working at home just got exponentially harder! Several times today, I hadn't even realized he left my office, when all the sudden he is down the hall and in the guest bedroom. Besides the crawling, Calvin has been busy getting into everything and his favorite thing to play with is my computer cords. I got so frustrated today, when I'm trying to get something done for work, and my keyboard decided to quit working. I tried rebooting, banging it, pressing all the keys before I realized he had been little Mr. Helpful and unplugged it. Time to get the baby gate and do some barricading!


The Cliftens said...

I CANNOT believe he is already crawling!!! What an advanced little boy he is! I am excited to see you again in a few weeks!

Andrea said...

You have to love when the get mobile. Life as you know it is now over. JK Walking is just around the corner. He will be so much fun at Christmas. Hope you get a snow photo soon.

Dave and Leslie said...

I LOVE his jacked. He is the cool kid on the block.