October 14, 2007

Fatherhood 101: Top Ten Reasons Why Dad's Should take a Mommy Class

Calvin adores his daddy, he lights up whenever he walks in the room. However it's been pretty humorous watching Will adjust to parenthood. He has never had any experience with babies whatsoever. So with that having been said I've complied this list from our experiences...

1. To learn nursery rhymes and songs, so that when you try to sing to your child you know more the just the song to the Kit Kat commercial.

2. All dad's need to remember that the child comes first no matter what. So when you are changing him and he starts peeing everywhere, remind yourself that the child's feet are still in your hands. A newborn should not be left dangling upside down in one hand while you worry about cleaning up where he peed with the other hand. Forget about the pee until the child is rediapered and gently placed in the crib or with his mother, then you can clean up the mess.

3. If you are rocking the child in a floor rocker with his head over your shoulder and he is wailing, take note that something might be wrong and try to figure out what might be causing him to scream, um like possibly the fact that while you are rocking him you are hitting his head on the corner of the desk with each rock.

4. Take note that mother's are extremely tentative to their children, and would never allow them to wear something that would choke them. You don't need to cut off the tie that VELCROS on after he has already been wearing it for 4 hours without any complaint. Just because he starts to cry or get fussy, doesn't mean he is choking.

5. Just because the child is crying or gets fussy doesn't mean he needs his freshly changed diaper changed again.

6. When you ask your wife to "help" you change the diaper, why don't you really just ask her to change it for you, because you standing there watching your wife change it is not considered helping.

7. Control your swearing while placing the child in the car seat, remember it is for his own good. As complex as the car seats seem to get, swearing while placing the child in the car seat just isn't a good idea

8. If your child hates the car, learn to deal with the crying, don't expect your wife to take him out of his car seat in 5 o'clock traffic in Salt Lake City on the freeway. Those Utah drivers are crazy...remember we want our child to live if we are in an accident.

9. Sleeping while the child sits next to you, does not entail watching him.

10. Remember, patience is key!

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