September 15, 2007

Ok we've decided to hop on the blogging bandwagon too. We'll try to keep everyone in the know of whats going one with us, but mostly we just plan to post cute pictures of Calvin and so you all can see him morph more into his daddy each day.

Right now, there isn't too much new going on with us. Calvin is getting so happy and fun. He just keeps growing and growing. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I love all the milestones he is reaching, but sad that he has to grow up. He still doesn't take a bottle and still hates car rides more than anything. I think he fears that we're going to try to take him to Utah again soon.


Leslie and Dave said...

Calvin is so cute. He's as cute as they come. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Andrea said...

Rain, I am glad you are blogging. Calvin is getting so big, he is adorable. We need to get together soon.

Rehrer Family said...

rani- that little guy is so cute! how old is he now? so glad you decided to do the blog thing. it's such a nice way to keep up with everyone and post pictures! take care. em